Vol.4, Jan. 1856 - Jan. 1863
Wilcox County, Alabama

Transcribed by B.J. Smothers,

[Note: Eight volumes of wills plus loose records covering the years 1820-1934 were filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. Each volume is individually indexed. These are compiled on four microfilm reels and available for rental through the Family History Library and local Family History Centers as microfilm #1290225 (1820-1849), #1290226 (1826-1858 and 1856-1899), #1673596 (1898-1931), and #1673597 (1931-1934).]
NAME                                         DOCUMENT       PG
---------------------------------------      ----------     -------
Administration                               Genl Bond      48
Autry, Elizabeth  Est                        Admr Bond      51
Allen, Mary O. & Robt J.                     Guard Bond     103
Anderson, Thomas H.                          Admin Bond     119
Anderson, R.P.  Est                          Guard Bond     141
Andrews, George                              Alias Exec Bd  142-143
Anderson, R. Paulding  Dec'd                 Will           154-155
Alford, Ann et al minor                      Guard Bond     186
Albritton, Allen  Dec'd                      Will           212
Arnold, E.H/  Dec'd                          Will           219-220
Albritton, Allen                             Admr Bond      255
Andrews, John J. Et al                       Guard Bond     299

Bridges, Jno W.                              Will           23-25
Bones, Saml W.  Est                          Admr Bond      52
Bones, Rebecca W.  Est                       Admr Bond      52
Bones, Frank G. et al minors                 Guard Bond     53
Bell, Lucy  Est                              Admr Bond      53
Bryan, Faircy E.                             Exr Bond       85-86
Bridges. William & Josephine                 Guard Bond     91-92
Botby, Henry J.                              Guard Bond     98
Bell, Lucy  decd                             Adminr Bond    100
Bell, Burford  Mary E.                       Guard Bond     102
Beltraupt, K.A.                              Guard          106
Bridges, William & Josephine                 Guard Bond     108
Bridges, F.                                  Admin Bond     112
Bylton, Sarah                                Exec Bond      113
Bridges, John & Elizabeth                    Guard Bond     115
Britton, Sarah                               Will           123-124
Bryan, S.T.                                  Will           160
                                             Guard Bond     160
Betts, Erasmus W.  decd                      Admin Bond     166
Barfield, Laura a Minor                      Guard Bond     164
Bur**, Joel B. a minor                       Guard Bond     180-181
Blake, John                                  Admin Bond     190
Blake, John  decd                            Admin Bond     193
Beck, Alfred J.                              Will           204-205
Burford, L.M.  Est                           Admin Bond     250
Blankenship, Ed  Est                         Admin Bond     270
Beck, Alfred J.  Decd                        Admin Bond     271-272
Burford, Peter a minor                       Guard Bond     281
Burford, Lennard M.  Est                     Spec Admin Bd  295
Burford, Wm W.                               Guard Bond     292
Black, R.D.  Est                             Admin Bond     292
Bennett, Burrell  Est                        Admin Bond     293
Burpo, Joseph C.  Est                        Admin Bond     293
Bond, Davis  Est                             Admin Bond     294
Burpo, Abel  Est                             Exec Bond      294
Burpo, Wm A.                                 Admin Bond     295
Brantly, Sally Et al                         Guard Bond     299
Brantly, John O.  Est                        Admin Bond     296
Blankenship, Jane                            Admin Bond     304
Burford, L.M.  Est                           Appeal Bond    316
Burrwell, Wm H.                              Refund Bond    312
Burson, N.                                   Admin Bond     10*
Bryan, N.E.                                  Will           69
Barge, Abel                                  Will           215-217

Cook, Jesse J.                               Will           1-2
Crawford, Gadi  Est                          Admin Bond     5
Carson, Joseph  Est                          Admin Bond     6
Creagh, A.M.  Est                            Admin Bond     11
Cooke, Sarah & Alexand                       Guard Bond     14
Cook, Rebecca  decd                          Admin Bond     31
Cook, Daniel W. A. minor                     Guard Bond     32
Campbell, Wm R                               Admin Bond     36
Carter, John  decd                           Admin Bond     39
Carter, Jno W.  Gen                          Admin Bond     48
County                                       Admin Bond     48
Culpepper, Ann                               Admin Bond     76
Clark, E.T.                                  Admin Bond     78
Clark, James W.                              Admin Bond     79
Compton, Richd L.                            Admin Bond     88-89
Cook, Elisha                                 Admin Bond     93-94
Carson, J.L.                                 Guard Bond     104
Campbell, Charles                            Admin Bond     112
Creach, Clara A.                             Guard Bond     114
Campbell, A.J. et al minors                  Guard Bond     136
Crawford, Cornelia  Est                      Admin Bond     142
Crawford, John H.                            Admin Bond     176-177
Cooper, William  Decd                        Admin Bomd     179
Clark, Sarah  Decd                           Admin Bond     182
Clarke, Adeline  Decd                        Admin Bond     184
Clarke, Elizabeth  Decd                      Admin Bond     184-185
Clark, Sarah                                 Guard Bond     203
Crum, O.B.                                   Will           233-234
Jones, Mary                                  Will           235-236
Clark, J.D.                                  Will           238-239
Colvin, J. & S.C. monors                     Bond           254
Callery, Jno  Est                            Admin Bond     278
Cook, James C.                               Admin Bond     288
Carroll, James W.                            Admmin Bond    298
Ca****, D.L.                                 Admin Bond     299
Crane, George B.                             Admin Bond     301
Cook, James  Est                             Admin Bond     303
Colvin, James & S.C.                         Guard Bond     304
Crawford, Dixon L. & A.B.  minors            Bond           71

Davis, Johnson J.  decd                      Admin Bond     41
Doak, S.N.                                   Guard Bond     56
Dumas, S.J. & Frank                          Guard Bond     63
Daily, David Est                             Will           64-66
Daily, David                                 Admin Bond     72
Davis, Ann                                   Admin Bind     81
Dees, Jordan D.                              Admin Bond     81
Drummond, A.M.                               Admin Bond     82
Dunn, J.W.                                   Admin Bond     83
Daily, David                                 Admin Bond     85
Drummond, M.A. Et al                         Guard Bond     86
Davis, Johnson                               Admin Bond     93
Davis, J.J.                                  Admin Bond     94-95
Durham, Archie                               Admin Bond     109
Davis, Ann E.                                Guard Bond     115
Daily, Abigail                               Will           121-122
Davis, S.G.  Dec'd                           Admin Bond     136-137
Davis, E.S.  a minor                         Guard Bond     138
Dexter, William J.  Deceased                 Will           151-154
Davis, Samuel G.                             Admin Bond     181
Dunnam, G.S.                                 Will           217-219
Dulaney, C.P.                                Will           236-237
Davis, Dawson                                Admin Bond     276
Davis, Saml G.                               Admin Bond     279
Davis, William E.                            Guard Bond     304

Evans, Jno Alex Sr                           Admin Bond     84
Evans, Ofelia                                Guard Bond     99
England, E.G.  Est                           Admin Bond     130
England, Rebecca  Est                        Admin Bond     132

Finkle, Thos J.C. Et al minors               Guard Bond     29-30
Fife, Joseph  Est of                         Admin Bond     139
Fife, Wm A. a minor                          Guard Bond     168-169
Fife, Mary E.  dec'd                         Admin Bond     177
Fluker, George & America minors              Guard Bond     249-250
Fluker, Robt  Est                            Admin Bond     282
Feticke, Eliza J.                            Will           206
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