Vol.3, Jan. 1850 - Sept. 1858
Wilcox County, Alabama

Transcribed by B.J. Smothers,

[Note: Eight volumes of wills plus loose records covering the years 1820-1934 were filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. Each volume is individually indexed. These are compiled on four microfilm reels and available for rental through the Family History Library and local Family History Centers as microfilm #1290225 (1820-1849), #1290226 (1826-1858 and 1856-1899), #1673596 (1898-1931), and #1673597 (1931-1934).]
NAME                               DOCUMENT       PG
----------------------------       ----------     --
Autrey, Woodrow et al Minors       Guard Bond     33
Atwood, H.S.                       Admin Bond     48
Atwood, H.S.                       Admin Bond     49
Atwood, H.S.                       Admin Bond     50
Adams, Ana E.                      Guard Bond     55
Averhart, R.E.J. & J.P.            Guard Bond     56
Armstrong, William H.              Admin Bond     75
Averhart, Patrick Minor            Guard Bond     79
Armstrong, W.H.                    Inten Bond     151
Allen, Wm Est.                     Admin Bond     188
Andrews, John Estate               Exec Bond      212
Andrews, John                      (Will)         266-8
Averhart Philip  Est               Admin Bond     275
Arledge, Martin                    Admin Bond     336
Adams, Orphea                      Admin Bond     346
Allen, Wm                          Admin Bond     364
Allen, Mary & Etal                 Guard Bond     395
Adminstrator General               Bond           424
Atwood, H.S.                       (Will)         120

Bennet, *.G.                       Justice        3
Bell, D.R.                         Justice        4
Beard, John T.                     Const Bond     8
Bones, Samuel W.                   Bridg Bond     9
Buckaloo, Tellmon Est.             Admin Bond     14
Bowman, John                       Tx Col Bond    30
Bryan, John                        Admin Bond     34
Blackmon, Junius G.                Guard Bond     38
Blackmon, Emma T.                  Guard Bond     41
Benson, Joseph Estate              Admin Bond     60
Baggett, Abram S.                  (Will)         117
Bu**y, H.S.                        Admin Bond     132
Benson, Joseph Est of              Admin Bond     135
Burson, Enoch Est of               Exec Bond      134
Burford, Matilda A. Et al Minors   Guard Bond     138
Bones, L.D.                        Just Bond      140
Burford, C.M.                      Just Bond      145
Burson, Geo. W. Et al Minors       Guard Bond     159
Bryan, Sarah A Et al Minors        Guard Bond     160
Beck, Wm R.R. a Minor              Guard Bond     185
Beard, Amanda M. a Minor           Guard Bond     191
Beard, Andrew T. Est.              Admin Bond     198
Buckaloo, Tilman Estate            Admin Bond     199
Blackman, John Estate              Admin Bond     202
Bickley, Charles Estate            Admin Bond     203
Blankenship, Joseph a Minor        Guard Bond     219
Betts, Joshua Est                  Exec Bond      219
Betts, Joshua                      (Will)         241-2
Blackmon, John Est                 Admin Bond     272
Burson, Enoch                      Admin Bond     279
Burns, B.M.                        (Will)         299-301
Boyd, David                        (Will)         303-5
Bell, Geo W. Estate                Admin Bond     308
Bennett, Jerome Est                Admin Bond     309
Boyd, David Est                    Admin Bond     310
Bennett, Burwell B.                (Will)         313-5
Burpo, Thomas                      (Will)         324-5
Bell, Jucy Estate                                 344
Blackmon, Ernest T.                Guard Bond     376
Bennett, Rebecca                   Guard Bond     366
Bragg, A.J.                        Ct Hse Bond    382-383
Blankenship, James Est.            Admin Bond     390
Bryan, S.T. Et al minors           Guard Bond     394
Bennett, Reuben a minor            Guard Bond     406
Burns, Est *                       Admin Bond     443
Barfield, C.                       Admin Bond     430
Burke, Jas M. Decd.                Admin Bond     422-3
Burke, Malcomb                     Admin Bond     422-3

Calley, Jas F.                     Justice        5
Campbell, Martha A., John C,
   May E., Jas & Geo. Y.           Guard Bond     13
Cochran, J.G.                      Admin Bond     24
Carter, W.G.A.                     Admin Bond     42
Crocker, O.B. et al Minors         Guard Bond     62
Compton, Frances Minor             Guard Bond     65
Cotton, Eldred Estate              Admin Bond     64
Capell, S.B. Estate                Admin Bond     70
Cree, James Estate                 Admin Bond     80
Cree, M. Thomas Estate             Admin Bond     81
Compton, Caroline Estate           Guard Bond     82
Compton, Ann Estate                Admin Bond     85
Childers, Thomas                   Admin Bond     92
Cook, John H.                      (Will)         107
Callin, L.D.                       Inten Bond     133
Carter, Thomas Est                 Admin Bond     187
Charles, Jno Est of                Admin Bond     189
Crawford, Wm & Louisa Minors       Buard Bond     191
Carter, Sarah H. a Lunatic         Guard Bond     197
Creagh, John W. a Minor            Guard Bond     209
Creagh, A.M. Estate                Admin Bond     213
Crumpton, Matilda S. Est           Admin Bond     310
Culpepper. Erasmus                 Admin Bond     338
Carter, P.W.                       Guard Bond     335
Clarke, Sophia Et al Minors        Guard Bond     347
Creagh, Clara A. Minors            Guard Bond     351
Crawford, Anna M.                  (Will)         384
Carson, J.                         Admin Bond     365-6
Crawford, Anna M.                  Exec Bond      372
Crumpton, Martha S.                Admin Bond     376
Cannon, John E.                    Admin Bond     377
Coulter, Richd                     Admin Bond     384
Carter, Alfred a minor             Guard Bond     392
Clark, Jas W. Decd                 Admin Bond     400
Clark, Elen F. Decd                Admin Bond     401
Carstaphan, Ann C.                 Admin Bond     442
Crumpler Est Cyntha                Admin Bond     446
County Administration              Bond           424
Carson, B. Et al                   J. Bond        430
Carson, J** E.                     Bond           433
Carson, J.L. Minor                 Guard Bond     425
Catlin, Jno D. Est.                Admin Bond     426

Donnelly, James P.                 Const Bond     *
Drummond, A.M.                     Admin Bond     46
Dumas, Ag*riah                     Exec Bond      79
Drummond, A.M.                     Admin Bond     87
Dulaney, Rebecca & A.F. & B.F.     Exec Bond      95
Dulaney, Benjamin                  (Will)         110-1
Dumas, Silas C.                    Justice Bond   135
Dumas, *. W. *. Est                Admin Bond     183
Dumas, La Fayette Estate           Admin Bond     203
Daniel, John T. Estate             Admin Bond     208
D*klo, Elizabeth S.                Admin Bond     218
DeVaughn, William                  Admin Bond     214-5
Daniel, John T.                    (Will)         263
Dumas, Mary (Minor)                Guard Bond     280
Dumas, A***ish                     (Will)         315-7
Doak, Cordelia & Wm M. Vaughn                     337
Davis, Mary & *                    Guard Bond     343
Dumas, James                       (Will)         387-8
Dumas, Joel                        Admin Bond     361
Dumas, James                       Admin Bond     361
Dulaney, J.B.A. Est                Admin Bond     386
Dewit, Lewis Et al Minors          Guard Bond     409
Dunn, George                       (Will)         416
Dumas, * Reuben                    Guard Bond     443

Estate Martin Morgan               Admin Bond     11
Estate of Jehu C. Foxworth         Admin Bond     8
Estate of Thomas O. McCall decd    Admin Bond     11
Estate of Robert S. Pharr decd     Admin Bond     11
Evans, John A.                     Assess Bond    31
England, Janie                     Admin Bond     36
Ervin, Lucy                        Exec Bond      37
England, Julia Minor               Guard Bond     58
England, James L. Minor            Guard Bond     57
England, Thomas A. Minor           Guard Bond     57
Ervin, Lucy                        (Will)         106
Ervin, *any S. Est                 Admin Bond     130
Ervin, Martha L. Est of            Admin Bond     137
Ervin, L.A.                        Just Bond      142
D.P. Jones                         Const Bond     142
England, A.Y.                      Admin Bond     145 (175?)
Evans, James W. Minor              Guard Bond     340
Evans, John A.                     Admin Bond     370-1
Ervin, J.C.                                       362-3
Ervin, James E.                    Admin Bond     363
Ervin Et al                        Admin Bond     272

Foxworth, Jehu C. Est              Admin Bond     8
Flanegan, Bennett                  Guard Bond     9
Foster, Issabella McF.             Guard Bond     9
Foxworth. Jehu C.                  (Will)         17-18
Finklea, John Estate               Admin Bond     58
Finklea, John Estate               Admin Bond     86
Fairly, John P.                    (Will)         96-8
Fluker, Hardy Est                  Admin Bond     121
Fant, Arthur & Martha Minors                      158
Fant, Arthur Est                   Admin Bond     158
Ford, Milton                       Exec Bond      162
Ford, Milton                       Will & e       191-3
Ford, M.L.                         Guard Bond     182
Ford, Thomas L. a Minor            Guard Bond     184
Ford, Mary E. a Minor              Guard Bond     186
Fluker, George et al Minors        Guard Bond     201
Furgerson, Mary Estate             Admin Bond     210
Fant, Auther & Martha Fant Minors                 214
Finklea, J.C. Finklea Et al Minors                222
Felts, George Et al Minors         Gurad Bond     272
J. Fox                             Admin Bond     338
Farrington, E.T.                   Admin Bond     378
Foster, Isabella McF. Minor        Guard Bond     405
Fife, H.C.                         Admin Bond     441
Flanagan, J.M.                     Admin Bond     435
Finklea, John                      Admin Bond     451
Finklea, W.C.                      Admin Bond     452

Godbold, Thomas H.                 Justice        3
Grigsby, V.J.                      Just Bond      6
Gee. Martha                        Bond           29
Graham, E.B.                       Admin Bond     35
Gambel, Sarah  Et al               Guard Bond     61
Godbold, Thos H. ***               Coll Bond      69
C. & G.H. Gibson                   Guard Bond     78
Gee, Susan Est.                    Guard Bond     81
Gamble, Jeremiah M. a Minor        Guard Bond     126
Gamble, Joseph A. a Minor          Guard Bond     131
Gulley, Wm. Fron Sarah McCondichie                541 & 545
Garlington, Jonah                  Just Bond      141
Grigsby, V.I.                      Just Bond      144
Glover, Wm. A.                     Const Bond     146
George, Joseph Est. of Decd        Admin Bond     151
Godbold, Abraham Est of            Admin Bond     162
Gordon, L.O.                       Guard Bond     180
Grisham, Matilda E. Et al Minors   Guard Bond     183
Gamble, Jos. A. a Minor            Guard Bond     223-4
George, Joseph Est.                Admin Bond     227
Gibson, Anna M. *.                 (Will)         264-5
Gaston, John Est.                  Admin Bond     316
George, D.R. Est                   Admin Bond     319
Grigg, O.H.P. Est.                                326-7
Gaston, Jno.                       (Will)         327-30
Gordon, H.R.                       Guard Bond     338
Gordon, Alex.                      Guard Bond     343
Gamble, Jeremiah M.                Guard Bond     352
Gordon, Diometia a Minor           Guard Bond     388
Gains, Jeremiah                    Admin Bond     389
Gordon, Jas M. Minor               Guard Bond     405
Grissett, Mary Jane                (Will)         414
Grisset, Mary E.                   Exec Bond      442-3
General Administrator              Bond           424
Grigg, S.W.                                       439
George, W.A. & L.A. Minors         Guard Bond     424-5

Higgins & * John G. Higginbotham   Admin Bond     14
Hamner, Cynthia                    Admin Bond     11
Hadox (?)                          Admin Bond     19
Hubbard, Catherine J.              Guard Bond     20
Hennington, Peter *.               Admin Bond     24
Harrris, Francis                   (Will)         25-27
Haddox, Robert                     Bond           28
Hart, John L. Est of               Admin Bond     33
Harris, W.D.                       Admin Bond     38
Heath, Emily J. et al minors       Guard Bond     44
Hart, Johnst.                      Admin Bond
                            with will annexed     45
H**ngton, Caroline &
   Thomas, Minors                  Guard Bond     60
Higginbotham, G.B. Estate          Admin Bond     63
H***, F.F. Estate                  Admin Bond     70
Hamner, Geo M. Admin of
   H.H. Gamble                     Bond           72
Higginbotham, Mary                 Guard Bond     76
Harris, Parmelia et al minors      Guard Bond     82
Hennington, Porter B.              Admin Bond     84
Hackety, John Estate               Admin Bond     84
Hillman, Benjamin F.               Guard Bond     92
Hall, John & Edward                Guard Bond     95
Higginbotham, G***s B.             Will, *        99-100
Harwood, John H. et al Minors      Guard Bond     1**
Higginbotham, Samuel W.            Admin Bond     125
Hamner, Geo M.                     Just Bond      140
How (Haw, Han  ?), C.W.            Just Bond      145
Harriss, Eliza J.A. Minor          Guard Bond     150
Hunter, E.S.                       (Will)         155-6
Harwood, D.D.                      Will & *       163-4
Holt, B.A. E. Est                  Admin Bond     181
Hogg, Wm & H.M. Hogg Minors        Guard Bond     226
Hunter, E.S.                       (Will)         228-30
Harriss, P. Estate                                319
Holt, H.G.                         Guard Bond     333
H**ko, Rebecca                     Guard Bond     335
Harper, Robert Est                 Exec Bond      349
Harper, Robert Est                 Will Recor'd   353
Hill, Eliza P.                     Admin Bond     360
Hawkins, Mary                      Admin Bond     371
Henderson, Joseph                                 363-4
Hill, Willie                       Guard Bond     3*0
Harriss, Wm H.                     Admin Bond     370-7
Hawthorne, Catherine E. Et al      Guard Bond     400
Hall, Laura Et al                  Guard Bond     407
Harriss, Wm Henry                  (Will)         413
Hodges, Jesse Et al Minors         Guard Bond     4**
Hodges, Mary Est.                  Admin Bond     427

I - J
Jackson, Jno. A.                   Notar Bond     1
Jenkins, James                     Bond           29
Jackson, Lewis                     Exec Bond      36
Jones, Laban Estate                Admin Bond     56
Jones, Saml L. Guard of
   Virginia Simons                 Bond           72
Jones, Saml L. Executor of
   M. Simons                       Bond           71
Jackson, Lewis                     (Will)         118-9
Jenkins, J.P. (or P.D.) Est.       Admin Bond     54
Jones, David   P.                  Const Bond     142
Jackson, Jesse L. &
   W.F. Jackson Monors                            198
Jones, David P. Est.               Admin Bond     188
Jackson, Lewis P. Estate           Admin Bond     194
Jackson, Lewis P. Estate           Admin Bond     197
Irby, J.E.                         Bridg Bond     200
Jacson, Jno. W. a minor                           223
Jackson, John W.                   Guard Bond     10
Jenkins, John                      (Will)         244-6
Jones, J.H.                        (Will)         269-71
Jenkins, John Est                  Exec Bond      276
Jones, Thos. W.                    (Will)         301-2
Jenkins, Samuel C.                 Guard Bond     350
Jennings, James Ess***             Admin Bond     352
Jenkins, Thos. G.                  Admin Bond     361
Jackson, Lewis P.                  Admin Bond     373
Jones, Henry C.                                   273
Jones, Sarah E.                    Guard Bond     377-8
Johnson, Laura Etal                Guard Bond     388
Jones, A.J. a minor                Guard Bond     396
Jackson, Jno. A. General           Admin Bond     424
Jackson, John W.                   *              *

Kennedy, David Guardian of
   Sarah Isabella Kennedy          Bond           71
Kimbrough, F.H. Est. of G. Sp***   Bond           77
Knight, Edwin                      Admin Bond     88
Kimbrough, J.A.                    Just Bond      136
Kyser, Jeremiah                    Just Bond      140
Kimbrough, F.F. & C.C. Minors      Guard Bond     194
Knight, M**** W. &
   Mary E. Minors                  Guard Bond     195
Kyser, George Sr Estate            Admin Bond     200
Knight,Edwin G. & C.J. Minors      Guard Bond     201
Kelly, John H. & Rolley Monors     Guard Bond     276
Kimbrough, Jno. E.                 Admin Bond     340
Kimbrough, F.F. & *.C. minors      Guard Bond     342
Kelly, Sarah Est                   Admin Bond     389
Kirk, Jas decd                     Admin Bond     404
Knight, Monroe W. a minor          Guard Bond     451

Lester, John W.                    Just Bond      7
Latham, Margaret Est.              Admin Bond     12
Latham, Margaret Est.              Admin Bond     12
Lyde, Ann Est.                     Admin Bond     90
Lewis, J.P.                        Just Bond      139
Lary, Francis Et al Minors         Guard Bond     153
Lide, Ann Est. of                  Admin Bond     157
Lindsey, A.L. Estate               Exec Bond      175
Lindsey, Jno. W. Est. of           Admin Bond     188
Lindsey, Amelia L.                 (Will)         265-6
Linam Est Sarah M.                 Admin Bond     441-2

McConnico, Mary E.                 (Will)         231-6
McReynolds, John                   (Will)         242-4
McDowell, William                  (Will)         249-50
Mendenhall, Eli                    (Will)         246-8
McCurdy, Melvin                    (Will)         253-4
McDowell, Caroline a minor         Guard Bond     274
McDowell, David A.K. a minor       Guard Bond     275
McReynolds, John Est               Admin Bond     277
Mathews, Virginia P.               Guard Bond     278
McGraw, John                       Guard Bond     309
Marshall, Eliza R.N.               Guard Bond     311
McArthur, Caroline A.              Guard Bond     318
Mixon, Isaac                       (Will)         320-21
McDonald, Henry G. Est             Bond           333
McWilliams, John M. Etal           Guard Bond     393
Moore, Allen W.                    Admin Bond     440
Morgan, Lucy A.                    Guard Bond     440
McCondiche, Penelope               Admin Bond     444
McGraw, John E. a minor            Guard Bond     445
Marshall, Miss Sarah               Guard Bond     446
Morgan, Mack                       (Will)         449-50
Morgan, Mark                       Bond           434
McArthur, Peter                                   436
Morgan, G.F.                       Bond           437
Morgan, B.F.                       Bond           437
Morgan, Nancy                      Bond           438
Morgan, L.E.                       Bond           439
McCord, J.C. & M.L.                Guard Bond     422
McConnico, A.J. dec'd              Admin Bond     452
Martin, J.A. Et al                 Bond           463½
Morgan, George                     Guard Bond     227-8
Malone, Sarah T. Est.              Bond           2
Martin*, T.N.                      Guard Bond     3
Morgan, Cynthia E.                 Admin Bond     11
Mathews, Julia F.                  Guard Bond     16
Moore, Leonard & Allen             Guard Bond     17
Marshall, Elizabeth et al minors   Bond           28-9
McDowell, David A.K.               Guard Bond     34
McDowell, Margaret D.W.            Guard Bond     35
Morgan, Martin                     Admin Bond     40
same                               w/will annexed 40
Middlebrooks, Jane & Milton        Guard Bond     52
McBride, Thomas                    Admin Bond     54
Marsh, Bryan Est                   Admin Bond     65
Miller, F.M.                       Guard Bond     74
McCall, W.S.                       Admin Bond     75
Moore, Edward L.                   Admin Bond     83
Moorer, Mary E.                    Guard Bond     88-9
McCaskill, Daniel                  (Will)         109
Morgan, William Est                Admin Bond     120
McCondichie, Sarah to Wm Gulley                   547-8
McMillan, H.A. Est                 Admin Bond     137
McDonald, B.                       Const Bond     142
Moore, John                        Just Bond      143
Miller, George D.                  Just Bond      145
Mathews, James                     Const Bond     147
McCaskill, Danl. Est               Admin Bond     159
Morgan, Wm Est                     Admin Bond     160
Mayo, W.L.                         Bridge Bond    163
Moore, George L.                   (Will)         174
McCurry, Josiah                    Admin Bond     179
Mathews, V.B. a minor                             184
McLean, B.S. Est                   Admin Bond     189
March, Edmund a Lunatic            Guard Bond     196
Malone, John H. et al Minors       Guard Bond     205
Mendenhall, Eli Est                Admin Bond     206
Marshall, .R. Est                  Admin Bond     206, 210
McDonal, D.L. Estate               Admin Bond     204
McDowell, Wm Estate                Exec Bond      209
McDonald, Lilie a minor            Guard Bond     207
Morgan, Wm J. a minor              Guard Bond     211
McDonald, D.L. Est                 Admin Bond     216
Morgan, Jno B. a minor             Guard Bond     217
McWilliams, Daniel                 Admin Bond     221
Mendenhall, Eli Est                Admin Bond     224
McIntosh, Angus Est                Admin Bond     225
Morgan, W.T.                       Admin Bond     225-6
McRe*, Mary                        (Will)         331-2
McDowell, Wm B.                                   337
McL****, James P. Et al minor      Guard Bond     341
McMillan, Marjorie & Elizabeth min Guard Bond     345
McReynolds vs Jones                Apeal Bond     345, 350
McLane, G.L.                       Guard Bond     308
McMillan, Sarah                    (Will)         359-60
McIntosh, John K.                  Admin Bond     369-70
McMillan, James                    Admin Bond     370
McMillan, Sarah                    Exec Bond      369
McCaskill, Daniel                  Admin Bond     367
McNeill, John                      Admin Bond     372-4
Morgan, Joseph                     Admin Bond     377
Marshall, W.B.                     Admin Bond     380
McConnico, W.W. Est                Admin Bond     384
Moore, N.J.                        Admin Bond     385
Marshall, Sarah a minor            Guard Bond     390
Morgan, Wm J. a minor              Guard Bond     391, 396
Morgan, Joseph dec'd               Exec Bond      401
Martin, Jno H. dec'd               Admin Bond     404
Morgan, George minor               Guard Bond     408
Morgan, James Etal                 Guard Bond     411
Moorer, LaVega* minor              Guard Bond     411

Nettles, James Jr.                 Admin Bond     5
Nettles, Eliza C. a minor          Guard Bond     21
Norris, William T.                 Admin Bond     27
Nichols, John                      Admin Bond     41
Norell, Himan H.                   Just Bond      43
Nettles, J.H.                      Guard Bond     53
Nettles, John                      Exec Bond      54
Nettles, Robt Estate               Admin Bond     78
Newberry Et al Minors              Guard Bond     129
Newberry, Peter C. to M.E. Holloway               14*
Newberry, Peter C.                 Exec Bond      190
Nettles, Jno Decd                  Exec Bond      215
Norris Annie L. a minor            Guard Bond     217
Newberry, Peter C.                 (Will)         250-3
Nichols, Nancy Estate              Admin Bond     311
Nettles, Calvin C.                 Guard Bond     366
Nettles, *                         Guard Bond     362
Nettles, Wm Est                    Admin Bond     395
Nevill, R.P. Etal Minor            Guard Bond     428

Outlaw, Joseph W. (a Lunatic)      Guard Bond     73
Outlaw, Harriett                   Admin Bond     84
O'Riley, John Est                  Admin Bond     397
O'Bryan, Wm                        Admin Bond     346

Pharr, Robert S.                   Admin Bond     11
Plunkett, John G. and other minor heirs           13
Parks, Olive*                      Br* Bond       15
Palmer, Juliet                     Admin Bond     32
Powell, James M.                   Exec Bond      51
Palmer, Julia Ann a Lunatic        Bond           52
Pritchett, Wm J. Estate            Admin Bond     69
Paevy, Bartlett Est                Bond           73
Pharr, John A. Estate              Admin Bond     85
Perkins, Delila                    Admin Bond     94
Peavy, Joshua                      (Will)         113-4
Pritchett, David L. Est            Admin Bond     127
Powe, Virginia Et al Minor         Guard Bond     128
Palmer, Julia Ann a Luniatic       Guard Bond     129
Powe, M* C. Et al Minors           Guard Bond     132
Philen, Wm S.
     Admr of Louisa Philen decd    Admin Bond     138
Pate*, D.F.                        Just Bond      139
Patterson, D.A.W.                  Just Bond      146
Pharr, James B.                    Just Bond      147
Price, S.W.                        Just Bond      149
Pilkington, Dena Estate of         Exec Bond      152
Pilkington, Dena                   (Will)         165-8
Philen, Ellison                    Admin Bind     178
Patterson, D.A.W.                  Notary Bond    179
Philen, Louisa Estate              Admin Bond     193
Parker, E.A. a minor               Guard Bond     194
Pritchett, J.L. Est.               Admin Bond     273
Philen, Menassah Est               Admin Bond     312
Philen, Wm Est                     Admin Bond     316
Philen, R.D. a minor               Guard Bond     317
Ptomy, Geo. W. decd                Admin Bond     341
Parker, Samuel                     (Will)         355
Parker, Jos. B.                    Guard Bond     362
Pye*, Wm                           Admin Bond     361-2
Philen, Nancy & Alexander          Guard Bond     380-1
Pritchett, Mary Et al              Guard Bond     397
Philen, Manassa                    Bond           402
Purifoy, Est F.M.                  Admin Bond     444
Pledger, Wm H.                     (Will)         454-61
Pritchett, J.L.                    Bond           431
Pledger, Wm H.                     Bond           453
Patterson, D.A.W.                  Sheriff Bond   450

Road*                              Bond           9
Robinson, Allen                    Admin Bond     19
Robins, John L.B.                  Admin Bond     42
Robinson, Allen Estate             Admin Bond     67
Robinson, W. Joseph                Admin Bond     86
Riley, Nancy a minor               Guard bond     133
Robinson, W.E. Et al minors        Guard Bond     134
Rousevall Est                      Admin Bond     136
Roberts, Elizabeth Est             Admin Bond     177
Rodgers, Jno. R. Est               Admin Bond     180
Robins, Samuel W.                  Admin Bond     182
Raiford, Jno P. & J.A. Raiford                    186
Robins, Margaret E. a minor        Guard Bond     192
Robins, Henrietta et al minors     Guard Bond     195
Ramsey, Elizabeth A.               (Will)         257-61
Ramsey, David W. Et al minors      Guard Bond     271
Robinson, Jos W.                   Admin Bond     280
Riley, Jno O. Est                  Admin Bond     318
Reaves, Archiable                  (Will)         330-1
Robinson, Winny E. Et al minors    Guard Bond     345
Robins, J.P.                       Admin Bond     372-3
Ratcliff, Catherine                Admin Bond     381
Robbins, Henrietta Et al           Guard Bond     410
Rivers, M.E. Et al                                435
River, C.A. decd                   Admin Bond     452

Stewart, Haris                     Justice        4
Scarborough, A.B.                  Justice        5
Satterwhite, Jos. W. decd          Admin Bond     15
Stevens, He*od et al minors........Guard Bond     20
Stevens, Sarah A. et al minors     Guard Bond     23
Stover*, William B.                Admin Bond     33
Scott, Leonard                     Exec Bond      46
Smith, Wm S. et al minors          Guard Bond     55
Smith, Dunca C.                    Admin Bond     59
Sellers, C.C. Estate               Admin Bond     67
Sheffield, Nathan et al minors     Guard Bond     69
Sellers, Daniel C.                 Guard Bond     73
Satterwhite, F.J.                  Admin Bond     76
Seltzer Minors                     Guard Bond     87
Smith, Duncan C.                   Admin Bond     89
Sellers, Samuel                    Admin Bond     90
Smith, Wm S. et al minors          Guard Bond     90
Stokes, Wm                         Admin Bond     91
Seaver, Thomas H.                  Exec Bond      93
Seaver, Thomas                     (Will)         91-2
Spina*, S.D.                       (Will)         100
Simms, Matilda L.                  (Will)         112-3
Setters, Calvin C.                 (Will)         114-6
Scarborough, A.B.                  Just Bond      139
Sessions, W.L.                     Just Bond      143
Stanford, John                     Const Bond     144
Skinner, Samuel Est                Admin Bond     176
Seltzer, Sm H.                     Admin Bond     189
Stokes, J.D.E.                     Guard Bond     198
Sheffield, Hannah M. Est           Admin Bond     201
Sessions, John B. Est              Admin Bond     274
Sessions, John B. Est              Admin Bond     278
Shorr, Thomas                      (Will)         322-3
Sttn, Robert                       Guard Bond     334
Sheffield, W.W.                                   334
Shaw, Thomas                       Admin Bond     339
Sellers, CalvinC. et al minors     Guard Bond     346
Sheffield, John                    Admin Bond     365
Smith, Sol Est                     Admin Bond     394
Staples, Elizabeth decd            Admin Bond     398
Smith, Henry decd                  Admin Bond     402
Smith, J. Gertrude a minor         Guard Bond     407, 431
Stewart, Est Jr L.                 Admin Bond     441
Stewart, D.H.                      (Will)         462
Sellers, C.C. dec'd                Bond           453

Trammel, Emeline Minor             * Bond         2
Threadgill, Henry                  Just Bond      6
Threadgill, Sarah et al minors     Guard Bond     37
Thompson, Jonah B.                 Admin Bond     46
Thurmond, R.P.                     Guard Bond     53
Tra**ck, Henry W. Est              Admin Bond     128
Thompson                           Just Bond      150
Turner, Zadock Est of              Admin Bond     161
Thompson, James                    (Will)         168-70
Thompson, James                    Exec Bond      170
Threadgill, Elizabeth              Guard Bond     190
Thompson, Mary W. minor heirs of   Guard Bond     192
Trammel, Emeline a minor           Guard Bond     199
Thompson, *                        Admin Bond     219-20
Thompson, Bessy D. decd            Exec Bond      220
Tindall, Henry Est                 Admin Bond     222-8
Thompson, Benjamin D.              (Will)         238-40
Trammel, Winifred                  Admin Bond     294
Tait, James A.                     (Will)         294-9
Trammel, Thos Est                  Admin Bond     308
Thomas, Harriet E.                 Admin Bond     380
Tucker, Jordon Est                 Admin Bond     386
Tanner, Wm E. decd                 Admin Bond     408
Tynes, Emily D. minor              Guard Bond     408
Tompkins, Est E.                   Admin Bond     445
Tobias, Jno C.                     Bond           434
Talbert, W.A.                      Bond           435

Vickers, Ellen minor               Guard Bond     1
Vernon, E.J.                       Admin Bond     13
Vincent, O.P. Est                  Admin Bond     152
Vally, Charlie Estate              Admin Bond     190, 205
Voltz, Charles                     (Will)         237-8
Vickers, mary E. a minor           Guard Bond     273
Volz, Jas & B.F. minor                            429

Williams, Richard                  Guard Bond     1
Wright, O.H.P.                     Guard Bond     10
Williamson, Martha E.              Guard Bond     16
Williamson, *                      Admin Bond     22
Williamson, Richard                Guard Bond     32
Wingate, James W. et al minors     Guard Bond     39
Williamson, Richard                Guard Bond     43
Williamson, Martha & minors        Guard Bond     59
Walthall, Mary J. & W.F. minors    Guard Bond     61
Wood, John  B.
     Sheffield heirs               Guard Bond     77
Williams, H. Joseph Estate         Admin Bond     83
Warren, Wm Henry a minor           Guard Bond     120
Walthall, Wm                       Just Bond      148
White, E. W. Et al minors          Guard Bond     151
Wright, O.H.P.                     Admin Bond     199, 211
Walston, Shadrick Estate           Admin Bond     204
Williamson, Mary Estate            Admin Bond     207
Warren, James Henry a minor        Guard Bond     212
Wilson, W.E.                       Admin Bond     218
Wells, L.D.                        (Well)         262
Weatherford, Josiah a minor        Guard Bond     277
Weatherford, Edward Est            Admin Bond     290
Wilcox, Willis & A.J. minors       Guard Bond     317
Wilson, R.C.                       (Will)         321, 322
White, Caleb E.                    Guard Bond     339
Waddell, Sarah J.                  Guard Bond     344
Williams, John S.                  Admin Bond     368
Williams, Ervin L. a minor         Guard Bond     404
Walker, Ellad                      Guard Bond     432
Williams, Jno P.                   Bond           435
Weatherford, Josiah a minor                       426

Yongue, Mary A.                    Guard Bond     91
Young, Samuel                      Exec Bond      348
Young, Viola Et al                 Guard Bond     372
Young, E.J. a minor                Guard Bond     378
Young,P*                           (Will)         447-8
Young, J.G.                        Bond           432
Young, Saml                        (Will)         356-7

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