Wilcox County, Alabama Deeds

S.A. Fowlkes to Deacons of Pine Grove Baptist Church
Rehoboth, Wilcox County, AL
6 November 1889

State of Alabama§
Dallas Co. [sic] §

Know all men by these presents that we Samuel A. Fowlkes and Mary P. Fowlkes, his wife, of the County and State aforesaid, parties of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of Twenty-five dollars to them in hand paid by Peter Heath, Joe Johnson, Beverly Holcombe, Daniel Burpo, Jeff Wilcox and Columbus McMillan Deacons in & acting for Pine Grove Baptist Church, parties of the second part, have and do by these presents grant, bargain, sell and hereby convey unto the said parties of the second part the following descrive lot or parcel of land lying and being in Wilcox Co Ala. viz: one and one half acres more or less, lying in the extreme southwest corner of lands of parties of the first part, bounded on north and east by lands of aforesdaid parties of the first part, on the south by lands of C.C. Shields and on the west by lands of J.M. Malone (known as the Mooring place) beginning at a point in the centre of the Selma and Prairie Bluff (dirt) road, on the line between C.C. Shields lands and lands of the aforesaid party of the first part, running thence east along the centre of said road three hundred (300) feet, thence in a northerly direction two hundred and forty (240) feet, thence in a westerly direction (300) three hundred feet to the line between lands of the aforesaid J.M. Malone and the party of the first part, thence in a southerly direction to the point of beginning more particularly described in a diagram below and lying in SW corner of NW sec 14, Township 14, Range 7

Location of church land

To have and to hold the same (by themselves and their successors in office) forever, and heirs and assigns, forchurch purposes and for no other purposes whatsoever, with this consideration and reservation, that a new and substantial building for church purposes be erected thereon and if the said building shall at any time be pervertd to any other uses, then this deed shall be null and void and the title therein shall revert to the aforesaid parties of the first part, their kin or assigns, without any charge or consideration whatsoever, in fee simple. Witness and hands and seals this 6 day of November 1889

S.A. Fowlkes {SEAL}
Mary P. Fowlkes {SEAL}

Witness: R.W. Young

(Filed for record 17 day of September 1890)

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