Selected Wilcox County, AL Obituaries
Wilcox Progressive Era 1900-1902

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Obituary of J. D. Rowell, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, November 8, 1900

The friends of Mr. J. D. Rowell, of Caledonia, will regret to learn of his death
on last Saturday. He was one of the best citizens in that section of the county 
and will be greatly missed. A yellow chill was the immediate cause of his death.

Death notice of Eli Yow, Jr., Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, December 20, 1900

Mr. Eli Yow, Jr., died at the home of his father, Dec. 13, 1900. Only a short
time ago he was, apparently, the very image of health and strength. He was 
highly respected by those who knew him best, and an acceptable member of the 
Methodist Church. May he find eternal peace.

Death notice of Mrs. Jeff B. Sessions, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, January 31, 1901

Mrs. Jeff Sessions who resides near Sallie in this county last Sabbath and was
buried Monday. She was quite ill for several weeks and while her death was not 
unexpected by her neighbors, it is a sad loss to husband, family and friends.
The Era tenders sincere sympathy to the bereaved.

Death notice of James Jenkins Lewis, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, February 7, 1901

James Jenkins Lewis, the son of J. J. and M. I. Lewis, departed this life 
January 30, 1901 at his sisters, A. V. Partin's and K. Partin's after one 
month's illness from consumption.
A Friend

Obituary of Marie Pruitt, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, December 6, 1900

Little Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Pruitt, died Nov 30, at early dawn.
Marie was about a year old, the only daughter in the family, the pride of her
two brothers, and dearly beloved by her parents. What a typical jewel in God's 
kingdom, a spirit without a scar from sin or a sign of grief. Parents, weep not
for her, because her spirit, as pure as the dews of heaven, and as spotless as 
the eternal snow, now wings its flight among the angels.
Pine Hill, Ala., Dec 3, 1900.

Obituary of Thomas Riggs, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, April 25, 1901

On Wednesday, April 17th, 1901, the soul of Mr. Thomas Riggs of Pleasant Hill, 
Ala., passed into the great beyond. He enjoyed a ripe old age - about 88 years,
and led a very active life until recently when he has been in feeble health. His
condition became serious about a week before his death and his daughter, Mrs. 
J. P. Fairly, was summoned to the bedside on the 14th and was with him until the

Mr. Riggs was married three times. His last wife and ten children survive 

The Era extends sympathy to the bereaved.

Obituary of John McClurkin, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, May 30, 1901

The many friends of Mr. John McClurkin will be pained to hear that he, one of
Caledonia's most estimable men, is dead. On the afternoon of May 19th surrounded 
by his immediate family and sorrowing friends his soul took flight into the 
"beautiful beyond." Though his health had not been firm for a number of years, it
was not even known that he was so sick, and it was quite a shock when the fact
was announced that he was dead.

In his death the community looses one of its most highly esteemed citizens. He
was born in Ireland Nov 12th A.D. 1845, and came to America in early life. He was
a life long member of the M.E. Church and a man of a most generous heart and noble
impulses. No one, but those who were the recipients of his bounty, will ever know 
to what extent his own hands were lent. He was not an ordinary man. Throughout his
active life he exemplified the virtues of industry, integrity and generosity. His
walk in life was such that he won the admiration of all who knew him, and endeared
himself in an unusual degree to those who were dependent upon him. He has left an
unsoiled name to his children and an honored memory to his friends. Few men have
ever lived more generally loved and have died more affectionately lamented.

He had met with heavy disasters within the last few years but in all of his
troubles he never complained but with a faith that characterized his life, 
submitted to God's will without a murmer. Oh! How hard it is to realize that he 
has left us, that we will not see him any more on earth, but Blessed Assurance he
has left us with that hope that he has entered into that rest that remains for the
people of God. Besides his wife he is survived by a brother, sister and nine 
children, a son and daughter having gone before him to that home in heaven. The
funeral services were conducted at his home by his pastor Mr. Cowan and was 
attended by a large concourse of friends and relatives. Interment took place at 
Oak Hill Cemetery. As we looked at his calm, peaceful features for the last time 
we thought of the beautiful song, "Asleep in Jesus."

One who loved him.

Obituary of W. Lowry Waller, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, June 27, 1901

The subject of this notice died at the home of his father, Rev. Wm. T. Waller, 
in Camden, Ala., at 1 o'clock Monday morning, July 1st, 1901. This was a painful
shock to our entire community, for every one seemed to be the friend of Lowry
Waller. His modesty, gentle manners and kindly ways made all like him. While he
was known to be sick and had been for a number of days, yet he did not give up
and go to bed until a few days before the end came. Mr. Waller was about twenty
five years old. He leaves a young wife and lovely little daughter, besides a fond
father and devoted mother and several brothers and sisters, a number of other 
relatives and hosts of friends. It is all too sad! Lowry was a deacon in the 
Presbyterian Church and those whom he has left behind are not without a confident
hope that his is and ever will be a blessed immortality.

Obituary of Erskine Portis Bonner, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, September 5, 1901

Last Friday about 6 a.m., the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bonner, of Rosebud, was
visted by the death angel. Their youngest child, Erskine Portis Bonner, aged ten
months, was taken with a conjestive chill, and in less than a minute breathed 
its last. While the little fellow was somewhat indisposed the day before, the 
fond parents had no idea that he was so seriously ill. Like his little deceased 
brother, Julian, the spark of life went out in the twinkling of an eye. He was 
buried early the next morning in the Oak Hill cemetery, many sypathetic friends
having followed the little corps to its last resting place.

Obituary of C. W. Smyley, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, September 26, 1901

Died, Sept. 9, 1901, at his home near Sunny South, Ala., C. W. Smyley, aged 
64 years.

His death was caused by heart disease, and was very sudden; he seemed to be 
in usual health, but as he was preparing to retire, fell across the bed lifeless.

He had served in the Confederate Army, in Co. "A" Lewis Battalion; had been a 
member of the Baptist Church since early manhood; was a cheerful, whole-souled man,
and kind neighbor. He leaves a wife and nine children to mourn his loss; and will
be sadly missed in his church and neighborhood.

It is hoped that his wife, who was sick at the time of his death, may soon 
recover from the shock, and that the loving Father may help her bear this sorrow, 
looking forward to a happy meeting in that home that knows no parting.

Obituary of George L. Hutchinson, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, October 3, 1901

Dr. George L. Hutchinson was born in Mecklenburg Co., N.C., March 22, 1822,
and died at Rehoboth, Sept. 2, 1901. He came to Alabama in 1836 and lived in 
Dayton, Marengo Co., until grown. Came to Rehoboth in 1851. Was married to Miss
Mary Gamble, Feb. 22, 1866. He began the practice of medicine in early life, and
devoted himself to his chosen profession until December 1868. At that time he 
was compelled by a spell of sickness (in which his life hung in the balance for 
several months) to give up his profession.

We have known Dr. Hutchinson since our earliest recollections, and can bear 
testimony to his high moral character. He was one of the oldest and most 
substantial citizens of this community. He was unpretentious, and always found 
on the right side of every moral question, and therefore commanded the 
confidence and highest esteem of his fellow-men. He was endowed with a superior
mind, was a deep thinker, and possessed a great deal of general and useful 
information. His was a positive nature, yet he had a tender heart. As a neighbor
he was kind and helpful. A friend always true.

One peculiarity of his character, was his abomination of all that was low or
dishonest. He was exact in his business transactions, and managed his temporal
affairs with discretion. Was regular in his habits, temperate in all things, 
hence his long and useful life.

As a physician he was eminently successful. His fidelity to his patients was
remarkable. The night was never too dark or dreary for him to go to the house of

An ardent patriot, he loved his country, and loyally responded to all of her 
claims. He took an active part in the political issues of his day, consequently,
was one of the best known men in the county.

Dr. Hutchinson made the mistake, which is so often made, of failing to 
connect himself with the church in his early life. He realized this mistake, and
just the day before he died, having an opportunity united with the church.

From the beginning of his fatal illness, which lasted two months, he has 
insisted that his case was quite hopeless. He suffered long and much, but through
it all, God was leading him to a higher life. By the hand of severe affliction he
was taught to suffer the Devine will, and reached before he passed away that 
sublime point, where he could say "Thy will be done."

He leaves a devoted wife, almost heart-broken, to tread the path of life 
alone, but the God whom she has so faithful served will sustain her in this dark

A Friend

Death notice of Mrs. Robert Young, Wilcox County, Alabama

Wilcox Progressive Era
Thursday, December 27, 1901

Mrs. Robert Young, relict of the late Mr. Robert Young, of Mount Hope, was 
buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery, at Oak Hill, on the 20th inst. She was one 
of the old land-marks of the county, and possessed many noble traits of 
character. She was the mother of our townsman, Mr. Will Young.

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