Marriage Records 1820 - 1826

compiled by Melba Goff Allen

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ADKINS,  Leroy  & Sarah Holly;   Charles L. Hillman, Security, & D.  Blue, J.P.. 4-14-1825

ALDAY,  Richard  & Rebecca Love,   Hugh McCole,  Security, & Jno. L. Harris J.P.  8-17-1824

ALGIER, Richard H. & Ann Smith with B.B. Bennett, Security, No Return

ANDERSON,  John B. & Hanah Newton;  Stephen Anderson & E. L. Truhart Tucker, Security,  9-30-1824

ASKINS, Samuel G. & Jane Donald b. S. Donald J.P. with A.G. Gordon Security, 3-22-1821

AUTERY,  Adam  & Lydia Hare;  Baily Manness, Security, William McLendon,  J.P., 6-10-1823

AYERS, William  & Mary Holly by B. Higgingbottom J.P. with Godfrey Holly, Security, 12-5-1820


BATTLE,  James  & Eliza D. Evans.  Harris S. Evans, & Isaac Hadden, Security, Cer. 4-6-1825

BEARD, Henry & Margaret Thompson ,   Thomas Carter, Security, 11-18-1822

BENNETT, Burwell B.  & Mary Jane Jones;  Willam T. Mathews, Security, 11-12-1825

BLANKENSHIP,  William  & Martha Colison;  Gilbert Chancellor, Security, 9-7-1826

BOGGAN, John  & Mary Moore,  Joseph Boggan, Security, 12-7-1826

BOUGHTON, Samuel & Harriet P. Strother;  Donald Mclean, Security, 12-13-1821

BOWEN, Thomas & Mrs. Mary Muldrow;  Security, Archibald K. Smith,  9-31-1826

BOYD,  James  & Celia Autery, Francis Bridges, Security, & James Dewitt, J.P. Cert. 12-22-1826

BRANTLY, Jonathan A. & Nancy Offutt;   A.E. Evans, Security, 2-19-1823

BRANTLY. Jonathan  & Penelope Sherwood;  6-26-1821

BRIDGES, John W.  & Elizabeth Bethea;  Security, Philip P. Bethea;  9-26-1826

BRYSON, Henry  & Mrs. Mary Fait;   Hall Ray Security,  4-10-1825

BURKE, John MARRIED & Sarah Ann Pledger;  Ephrain Pharr, Security, 1-10-1825

BURNETT, Samuel  & Olive Glover;  Hugh McLean, Security,  6-29-1826


CARTER,  Meshack  & Nancy Handly with Winchester Handly, Security, 7-27-1826.

CASTLE, Levi  & Charity Swain with Everett Sheffield, Security , 8-12-1824

CHILDRES,  Thomas  & Polly Brown with James C. Campbell, Security, 3-21-1824

CHAMPION,  Joseph & Mrs. Ann Johnston with Obadiah Dumas  Security,   4-13-1823.  (Application dtd. 3-3-1824)

CHANCLEY,  Gilbert  & Phebe Gray, Security, Reuben Chancley  1-2-1827

CHANCLEY, Reuben  & Mary Dickson.  Thomas Carter, Security, 6-7-1826

COLLINS,  --------,  & Matilda Andrews,  Robert   W. Andrews & James P. Bogle, Security, 11-16-1823

CONNERS,  Charles & Jane Black, Abijah Miller, Security, 9-5-1822


DANZY, Richard  & Martha Everett;  Robert Everett, Security, 8-14-1820

DAVIS,  Alman  & Harriet Smith with Greenbery White, Security,  4-30-1823.  No return

DAVIS,  John  & Mary McCants;  William McCants, Security, 10-19-1826

DUNN,  John Wesley  & Lurany Hobbs with Lewis Hobbs, Security,  12-30-1824

DUNN,  Thomas & Martha Hobbs with Stephen Day,  Security, 7-10-1824

DUNN, William  & Phadian  Hanks;  Ephraim Pharr & Epephroditus Hanks, Security, 6-8-1826

DAWSON,  Peter  & Nancy Cleveland with Thompson MARRIED Jackson, Security,    7-14-1824

DEAR,  Bradley & Mary Ann Strother with Osborne Lockett, Security, 9-21-1824

DICKERSON,  James  & Elizabeth Jones or James , Henry Williams, Security,  2-25-1826

DICKS,  Phillip Y.  & Ann McLendon with Andrew C. Horne, Security,  4-28-1825

DONALD, Simon  & Ann E. Dodson , 7-31-1821

DUET, Lewis  & Angelia Morgan by Wmarried McLendon, J.P. 11-11-1824

DUMAS, Azariah & Susannah Hare, by E.C. Truhart Tucker.  David D. Dumas, Security, 12-26-1824

DUNN.  John Wesley  & Lurany Hobbs with Lewis Hobbs  Security,  12-30-1824

DUNN,  Thomas & Martha Hobbs with Stephen Day,  Security  7-10-1824

DUNN, William & Phadian Hanks;  Ephraim Pharr & Epephroditus Hanks, Security 6-8-1826


EARLY,  Baker  & Hannah Ware with Griffin Coleman Security, 4-17-1826

ECCLES, William  & Nancy White with William Mathews  Security at the house of Col. David White 12-11-1824

ELDRIDGE,  Hardy  & Elizabeth Boggan;  William Hill & Alen Moore Security  6-2-1825

EVANS, William  & Nancy Hare;  Enoch Maness  Security & with consent of his father, Jno. Alexander Evans.  James Dewitt, Sr., J.P. 9-3-1826

EVINS, Samuel,  & Mrs. Mary A. Gullett at the home of John Edes by John Gilmore, J.P., K.H. Gregg, Security, 7-13-1820


FALKNER, Warren & Julia Measles in the home of J.A. Gamble.  James Holly Security, 11-19-1823

FARRINGTON,  Edward T. & Mary Philen with Allen Clark Security,  J.J. Black J.P. 5-11-1823

FEAGIN, T.E. & Hetty Hallam;  Thomas JKoliff, Security,  No return shown.  App. 6-20-1826

FISHER, William P. & Martha White,   R.J. Reel J.P. 7-17-1820

FILEN, William "Philen"  & Louisa Lucar (Lukers) by John Gilmore J.P. at the home of Issac Luker.  Peter Philen, Security, 8-31-1820


GAMBLE,  Samuel S.  & Martha Gaston, Security, James W. Tucker 12-22-1826

GARRETT,  Joseph  & Nancy Tolliff,  Security, Thomas Tolliff & Samuel Dennis, J.P. 9-14-1826

GEORGE, James  & Matilda MARRIED Spieght,  A.MARRIEDB. Thompson Security, & Solomon Perkins, MARRIEDG., 7-13-1826

GILMORE, Charles  & Julia Lunsden;  Lewis Holt, Security, 10-5-1820

GILMORE,  Stephen MARRIED  & Elizabeth P. Robinson;  Security,  Jason B. Williamson  7-19-1825

GLOVER, Edwin A. & Letitia P. Bishop with William Anderson Security, 2-27-1823

GLOVER,  William  & Martha MARRIED Christian with Thomas Christian, Security, & John Collier, MARRIEDG.  No Marriage date shown.  App. 2-22-1826

GORDON,  Alexander & Mary Ann MARRIED Gregg with Archibald Smith Security, 7-26-1822

GRAYSON,  Squire  & Mrs. Mary Ann Evans,  Security William Black, 4-9-1825

GREEN, Lodowick  & Margaret Kelly;  Allman Davis, Security, 1-15-1825

GRIGGSBY, James B.  & Sally Maria Bishop,  Security John Deloach.  No return.  App 10-24-1826
GRIGGSBY, Uriah  & Catherine Marsh with Isaac C. Perkins, Security, W. Fluker MARRIEDG. Cert. 3-4-1824

GRIBBSBY, Uriah  & Latitia Powell.  J.W. Bridges, Security, & William Fluker, MARRIEDG. Cert. 2-9-1826

GRIMES,  John  & Naoma Sawyer with Maston Sawyer, Security, & Daniel Roper, J.P. Cert 9-28-1825

GRIMES,  Wiley  & Elizabeth Coleson with Samuel Dennie as Security,  11-25-1824


HALL,  Daniel D. & Rebecca A. Reagell with Lovet Watson, Security, & Daniel Roper J.P. 12-23-1824

HARE, Peter & Mary Hare by Wmarried McLendon J.P.  Enoch Maness, Security, 11-11-1824

HARRELL, James  & Aggy Williams b. John B. Wood, VDM with Jesse L. Owen, Security, 6-14-1821

HENDERSON, Robert  & Mary Brown with James Gregg, Security, 8-14-1824

HEWITT, John MARRIED  & Patsy Perkins,  with Uriah Griggsby Security, & Lewis Anderson J.P.  No marriage date shown. App. 1-11-1826

HILL, Whitman  & Maria Griffin;  John Moore Security, & Allen Moore, J.P. Cert. 2-9-1826

HINKLY,  Jacob  & Mary Jane Gamble;  Charles MARRIED Weir, Security, & J. Hadden, J.P. Cert 7-28-1825

HOBBS, William  & Bethena Conner,   B.B. Gayle, Security, 1-13-1825

HOLLY,  James  & Nancy Manning with James Manning, Security, & D. Blue J.P. Cert. 6-28-1825


IRWIN, James C.  & Katherine Harewood  by B. Hoff J.P. 12-23-1821


JACKSON, Alexander  & Celia Maness, with W. B. Maness, Matthew W. Parham & Harriet Dixon as Security, by John Wourmack 8-25-1825.  No return

JACKSON,  James & Susan Maness with Gary Jackson Security, App. 3-3-1824.  No return

JACKSON, Thompson MARRIED  & Mary Brantley with B. W. Gayle Security,  Cert. 9-9-1824

JAMES,  Thomas  & Betsy Mitchel  with Alexander Smith, Security, 12-13-1821

JAMESON,  James  & Winniford Ratcliff,  Nathaniel A. Jameson Security,   12-26-1826

JENKINS, Edwin  & Elva Hatton ;. Edmond Waite Security, 1-15-1824

JENKINS,  Leander  & Elizabeth Raiford by Daniel Roper, J. P. 1-11-1825

JOHNSON,  William  & Mrs. Francis Carroll with David McMillan Security, J. Newbury, J.P. Cert. 12-26-1824

JONES, Wiley  & Pamelia Sloan with Benjamin W. Gayle Security,  6-30-1825


KELLY,  Enoch S.  & Sarah Green with Greenbury White Security, & Isaac Luker J.P. 11-29-1824

KELLY, Jonathan  & Nancy Green,   Daniel Green & Matthew Walker, Security, 10-17-1823

KENNARD,  John  & Milley England,  Stafford Currie Security,  12-21-1826

KENNEDY, William  & Elizabeth Wright at the home of William Wright by J.J. Black J.P., E. Kennedy, Security, 2-9-1823

KIMBREL,  David  & Rebecca Lawson,  James Boyd Security, with consent of his father Arthur Kimbrell.  James Dewitt, Sr., J.P. Cert. 10-19-1826


LARY,  Daniel & Deliah Stuckey with George Stoney Security, & Samuel Dennis J.P. Cert. 12-31-1826

LOCKETT, James  & Eliza Dickson with Andrew MARRIEDB. Thompson Security, No dates

LUKER,  Asberry  & Zylphia Hooks,  William Luker Security & J. Mixon J.P. Cert. 12-2-1825


MAGEE, James  & Susan Sheffield by Jno. W. Bridges J.P. at home of Obediah Dumas with Dumas as Security 11-27-1824

MANERS, Enoch & Lidia Autery, by William Matthews J. P. with Peter Hare, Security,  11-16-1820

MANESS, Bailey  & Sarah Hardy by J.W. Bridges, J.P. Francis Bridges Security, 6-8-1824

MANESS, Uriah  & Henretta Theill with Mesheck Maness Security, No return shown App. 10-3-1825

MANNING,  Andrew  & Martha Holly, with  Robert Manning & James Manning Security. No return shown.  App. 12-9-1825

MANNING,  Robert  & Sally Holley with James Holley Security, D. Blue, J.P. Cert. 5-12-1825

MARTIN, Abraham  & Mary Windham by John Jenkins J. P. 3-10-1822

MASON, William  & Mary Gullett with William J. McKerall Security. No Return

McARTHUR,  John  & Christian Gordon, with A.K. Smith Security. No Return

McARTHUR, Peter  & Mary Davis with Alexander Gordon Security. 9-28-1826

McCANTS, David  & Mary Ann Henry by Samuel Black J.P.  William T. McCants Security 1-6-1825

McCANTS,  William  & Rachel Muldrow,  Security John Davis & E. Morgan Cert. 10-10-1826

McGRAW, Emery & Nancy Campbell with Benjamin W. Gayle Security,  5-15-1825

MILLER, --------  & Amanda Bethea by Timothy Osgood J.P. Osborn Lockett, Security, 5-22-1823

MOORE,  Thomas L. & Miss E. Jones ,  Security, Thomas Y. Decker.  12-30-1824

MORGAN, Mark  & Euphronia Hare by Wmarried Matthews J.P. with  John C. Hare  Security 2-14-1822

MORGAN,  Martin & Cynthia Hare with Mark Morgan Security, Wmarried McLendon J.P. 5-25-1823


NORRIS, William H. & Melinda Black by Wmarried Mason with  James MARRIED Black,  Security, 12-23-1821


OWENS, Hugh G.  & Mrs.   Mary MARRIED Owens with William Owens Security, 5-12-1825

OWENS, John  & Mary B. Smith with William Owen, Security, No return

OWENS, John  & Sarah Pool with Samuel Pool  Security, & J. Newbury, J.P. 11-11-1824


PARKER,  Ralph  & Lavisa Linch with John & James Linch as Security, by J.J. Black J.P. 6-14-1823

PARROTT,  Robert  & Eliza Polk with Peter Lee as Security,  Allend Moore J.P. 7-6-1824

PEGUES, Claudius MARRIED  & Eliza Pledger by  B. Hoff  J.P. 12-24-1822

PERDUE,  Soverign  & Elizabeth Watswon with Arthur Rice Watson & William H. Weston as Security,  Application dtd. 5-22-1824.  No return

PETERS,  Allen  & Caroline Louisa Holmes,   James Ritchee Security  12-1-1825


RICE, Hezekiah  & Mary James by Wmarried Matthews  J.P. 1-28-1821

RICE,  Jesse  & Fanny Petty,  Security,  Richard Allday  & Solomon Perkins, MARRIEDG. Cert. 4-30-1826

RICE,  Richard  & Mary Gilchrist by J.A. Gamble J.P. at the home of John Henry with Stokes Medford Security, 9-9-1821

RICE, Right & Cilia Newton,  Security  Richard Alday , Solomon Perkins, MARRIED G. App. dtd. 12-1-1824.  No certificate date.

RICE, Wright D. & Ann Parnell with Richard Allday as Security,  &  Jno. L. Harris J.P. 8-17-1824

RICHARDS,  Henry & Mary Dunn by Duncan Blue J.P.
RIDGEL, Richard R. & Mary Hanks by John Jenkins J.P. with  Howell Hanks  Security, 7-15-1821

RIVES,  George MARRIED & Mary H. Evans with James Battle Security, App. dtd. 10-26-1825.  No return

ROBERTS,  Wilie  & Eliza Russel with Abijah Miller Security,  Application dtd. 4-3-1824.  No return

ROSS,  Walter L.  & Ann S. McKerall by E. Morgan J.P. Edphraim Pharr Security, 9-5-1823

ROWLAND,  David  & Martha Dean with Abraham Wells  Security, & H. Gamble, J.P. Cert. 8-31-1826


SEALE, Darling  & Sally Smith with consent of Alexander & Peggy  Smith parents,  by B. Higginbottom J.P., Burwell B. Bennett  Security, 10-17-1822

SESSIONS,  John J.  & Sarah Helms,  Security,  James J. Helms  No return. App. 12-25-1826

SHEFFIELD,  Everett  & Almanda Roper, Security,   Elijah Roper  & James Dewitt, Sr. J.P.  7-27-1826

SMITH, John  & Elizabeth Christie with Thomas C. Smith Security, Jn. L. Harris J.P. 7-28-1824

SMITH, Paton  & Lavisa White with Allen Clark & Edward T. Farrington Security.  J.J. Black J.P. 5-9-1824

SMITH, Samuel  & Nancy Thomas by William Hays  J.P. with James Gilmore, Security, 1-18-1821

SMITH,  Samuel & Matilda Dennis with Jeremiah Dennis  Security & Daniel Roper, J.P. Cert. 10-4-1825

SMITH, Solomon  &   ????  Jones with Joseph Jones  Security, Daniel Roper J.P. Cert 5-12-1825

SPENCER, William F. & Lucinda Thaxton with Wmarried J. McKerall Security, no return

STEEN,  John W.  & Nancy Lee, Security,  James Lee  & Allen Moore, J.P. Cert. 7-20-1826

STEWARD, Alexander  & Mrs. Rebecca Lee, Security,  John McArthur, No return.  App. 12-25-1826

STOKES,  John  & Mary Allbrittain with Winchester E. Handly as Security, John McCondichee J.P.  9-8-1824

STROUD, John  & Nancy Cato, Security  Shadrach Maness,  Anderson Saltmarsh, J. P. Cert 4-3-1825


TAYLOR,  Haywood  & Martha Watson by J. Newberry J.P. Bushner Smith, Security, 1-1-1824

THARP, William A.  & Mosley Bryant by John A. Gamble J.P. at home of George A. Tharp with George A. Tharp, Security, 9-9-1821

THOMAS, Frederick  & Harriet Windham by John Jenkins J.P. Page R. Windham, Security, 9-22-1822

THORNHILL,  Peter  & Mrs. Charlotte Autery with John Wilkerson  Security,  4-23-1826

TURNER,  Zachariah  & Ann Jackson, Security,   John H. McConnell &  John B. Wood, 1-10-1825


VICKERY, Green  (Vickers) & Sarah Sessions, with consent of Sarah Morris by Jeremiah A. Tharp. J.P. with William Rogers, Security, 2-12-1823


WAITE,  Edmund  & Phanuel Windham,  Security,  Benjamin Windham, 9-20-1824

WATSON,  Arther & Isabella Walston with John Walston  Security, & Daniel Roper J.P.  11-17-1825

WHITE, James  & Betsy Faun by J. Gamble J.P. at home of Major John Speight.  William J. Dexter, Security, 7-11-1822

WIGGINS, Wilie & Patsy Briggs by Wmarried Matthews J.P. with Leonard Hall, Security, 1-30-1822

WILKERSON, Nathaniel & Elizabeth Taylor by W M. Matthews J.P. with Robert Hall, Security,

WILLIAMS,  John A. & Caria Cato with Obadiah Cato Security,  J.W. Bridges J.P. at the house of Obadiah Cato 7-22-1824

WILLIAMSON, George  & Mrs. Mary Gordon by John Guillet J.P. with B. Williamson, Security, 12-7-1820

WILLIAMSON,  Jason B.  & Sarah Ann Roberson with Jonah D. Williamson  Security, S. Mixon, J.P. Cert. 8-16-1825

WILSON,  John & Martha Cocker by John Jenkins J.P., with Drury Cocker as Security, 5-24-1821

WINDHAM,  Benjamin & Charlotte Sproles,  Security  Edmund Waites.  No return.  9-21-1825

WINDHAM, Page R.  & Zylpha Davis  by John Jenkins J.P. with Frank ? Thomas 12-22-1822

WOOD, Henry  & Elizabeth Carroll with John Jameson  Security, 10-11-1823

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ALLBRITTON, Mary married John STOKES
ANDREWS, Matilda married ?? COLLINS
AUTERY, Charlotte married Peter THORNHILL
AUTREY, Celia  married James BOYD
AUTREY, Lidia married Enoch MANERS
BETHEA, Amanda married ? MILLER
BETHEA, Elizabeth married John W. BRIDGES
BISHOP, Letitia P. married Edwin A. GLOVER
BISHOP Sally Maria married James B. GRIGGSBY
BLACK Jane married Charles CONNERS
BLACK, Melinda married William H. NORRIS
BOGGAN, Elizabeth married Hardy ELDRIDGE
BRANTLEY, Mary married Thompson JACKSON
BRIGGS, Patsy married Wilie WIGGINS
BROWN, Mary married Robert HENDERSON
BROWN, Polly married Thomas CHILDRES
BRYANT, Mosley married William A. THARP
CAMPBELL Nancy married Emery McGRAW
CARROLL, Elizabeth married Henry WOOD
CAROLL,  Francis married William JOHNSON
CATO, Caria married John A. WILLIAMS
CATO, Nancy married John STROUD
CHRISTIAN, Martha MARRIED married William GLOVER
CHRISTIE, Elizabeth married John SMITH
CLEVELAND Nancy,  married Peter DAWSON
COCKER, Martha married John WILSON
COLESON, Elizabeth married Wiley GRIMES
COLISON, Martha married William BLANKENSHIP
CONNER, Bethena married William HOBBS
DAVIS, Zylpha married Page R. WINDHAM
DEAN,  Martha married David ROWLAND
DENNIS, Matilda married Samuel SMITH
DICKSON, Eliza married James  LOCKETT
DICKSON, Mary married Reuben CHANCLEY
DODSON, Ann E. married Simon DONALD
DONALD,  Jane married Samuel G. ASKINS
DUNN, Mary married Henry RICHARDS
ENGLAND, Millery married John KENNARD
EVANS, Eliza D. m James BATTLE
EVANS, Mary Ann married Squire GRAYSON
EVANS, Mary H. married George MARRIED RIVES
EVERETT, Martha married DANZY, Richard
FAIT, Mary married Henry BRYSON
FAUN, Betsy married James WHITE
GAMBLE, Mary Jane married Jacob HINKLY
GILCHRIST, Mary married Richard RICE
GLOVER, Olive married Samuel BURNETT
GORDON, Christian married John McARTHUR
GORDON, Mary Mrs. married George WILLIAMSON
GRAY, Phebe married Gilbert CHANCLEY
GREEN, Nancy married Jonathan KELLY
GREEN, Sarah married Enoch S. KELLY
GREGG, Mary Ann married Alexander  GORDON
GRIFFIN, Maria married Whitman  HILL
GULLETT, Mary married William MASON
GULLETT, Mary A. Mrs. married Samuel EVINS
HALLAM, Hetty married T.E. FEAGIN
HANDLY, Nancy married Meshack CARTER
HANKS, Mary married Richard R. RIDGEL
HANKS, Phadian married William DUNN
HARDY, Sarah married Bailey MANESS
HARE, Cynthia married Martin MORGAN
HARE, Euphronia married Mark MORGAN
HARE, Lydia married Adam AUTERY
HARE, Mary married Peter HARE
HARE, Susannah married Azariah DUMAS
HAREWOOD, Katherine married James C. IRWIN
HATTON, Elva married Edwin JENKINS
HELMS, Sarah married John J. SESSIONS
HENRY Mary Ann married David McCANTS
HOBBS, Lauany married John Wesley DUNN
HOBBS, Martha married Thomas DUNN
HOLLY, Martha married Andrew MANNING
HOLLY, Mary married William AYERS
HOLLY, Sally married Robert MANNING
HOLLY, Sarah m Leroy  ADKINS
HOLMES, Louisa married Allen PETERS
HOOKS, Zylphia married Asberry LUKER
JAMES,  Mary married Hezekiah RICE
JACKSON, Ann married Zachariah TURNER
JOHNSTON, Ann Mrs. married Joseph  CHAMPION
JONES, ??? married Solomon .SMITH
JONES, E. Miss married Thomas L. MOORE
JONES, Elizabeth married James DICKERSON
JONES, Mary Jane married Burwell B. BENNETT
GASTON, Martha married Samuel S. GAMBLE
GREGG, Mary Ann married Alexander  GORDON
KELLY, Margaret married Lodowick GREEN
LAWSON, Rebecca married David KIMBREL
LEE, Nancy married John W. STEEN
LEE, Rebecca Mrs. marriedAlexander STEWARD
LINCH Lavisa married Ralph PARKER
LOVE, Rebecca married ALDAY,  Richard
LUCAR, Louise married William FILEN
LUNSDEN, Julia married Charles GILMORE
MANESS, Celia married Alexander JACKSON
MANESS, Susan married James JACKSON
MANNING Nancy married James HOLLY
MARSH, Catherine married Uriah GRIGGSBY
McCANTS Mary married John DAVIS
McKERALL, Ann S. married Walter L. ROSS
McLENDON Ann married Phillip DICKS
MITCHEL, Betsy married Thomas JAMES
MIZELLE, Julia married Warren FALKNER
MEASLES, Julia married Warren FALKNER
MOORE, Mary married John BOGGAN
MORGAN, Angelia married Lewis DUET
MULDROW,  Mary  Mrs,  married Thomas BOWEN
MULDROW, Rachel married William McCANTS
NEWTON, Cilia married Right RICE
NEWTON, Hanah married John B.  ANDERSON
OFFUTT,  Nancy married Jonathan BRANTLY
OWENS, Mary MARRIED Mrs. married Hugh G. OWENS
PARNELL, Ann married Wright D.  RICE
PETTY, Fanny married Jesse RICE
PHILEN Mary married Edward T. ARRINGTON
PLEDGER,  Eliza married Claudius PEGUES
PLEDGER, Sarah Ann married John BURKE
POOL, Sarah married John OWENS
POLK, Eliza married Robert PARROTT
POWELL, Latitia married Uriah GRIBBSBY
RAIFORD Elizabeth married Leander JENKINS
RATCLIFF, Winniford married James JAMESON
REAGELL, Rebecca A.  Daniel HALL
ROBERSON, Sarah Ann  married Jason B. WILLIAMSON
ROBINSON, Elizabeth P. married Stephen MARRIED GILMORE
ROPER, Almanda married Everett SHEFFIELD
RUSSEL, Eliza married Wilie ROBERTS
SAWYER, Naoma marriedJohn GRIMES
SESSIONS, Sarah married Green VICKERY
SHEFFIELD, Susan married James MAGEE
SHERWOOD, Penelope married Jonathan BRANTLY
SLOAN Pamelia married Wiley JONES
SMITH, Ann married   Richard H.Algiers
SMITH, Harriett married Alman DAVIS
SMITH Mary B. m John OWENS
SMITH,  Sally married Darling  SEALE
SPIEGHT, Matilda MARRIED married James GEORGE
SPROLES,  Charlotte married Benjamin Windham
STROTHER, Harriet married Samuel BOUGHTON
STROTHER, Mary Ann married Bradley DEAR
STUCKEY, Deliah married Daniel LARY
SWAIN, Charity married Levi CASTLE
TAYLOR, Elizabeth married Nathaniel  WILKERSON
THAXTON, Lucinda married William F. SPENCER
THEILL, Henrietta married Uriah MANESS
THOMAS, Nancy married Samuel SMITH
THOMPSON, Margaret married Henry BEARD
TOLLIFF, Nancy married Joseph GARRETT
WALSTON, Isabella married Arther  WATSON
WARE, Hannah married Baker EARLY
WATSON, Elizabeth married Soverign PERDUE
WATSON, Martha married Haywood TAYLOR
WHITE, Lavisa married Paton SMITH
WHITE Martha married William P. FISHER
WHITE Nancy married William  ECCLES
WILLIAMS, Aggy married James HARRELL
WINDHAM, Harriett married Frederick THOMAS
WINDHAM, Mary married Abraham MARTIN
WINDHAM, Phanuel married Edmund WAITE
WRIGHT, Elizabeth married William KENNEDY

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