From: Richard A. Connell,
Subject: AlGenWeb Wilcox County
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 01:36:15 -0500

In the posting of "Wilcox Co. Marriage Records, 1820-1826" by Melba Goff
Allen, my second great grandmother's names are not all spelled as they are
written in the Marriage Book at the courthouse.

Under E., she has EVINS, Samuel marr. Mary A. GULLETT.  The record book
shows ERVINS and GULLET.  The correct names are ERVIN, Samuel (he was 2nd
great-uncle of Sen. Sam Ervin of Watergate fame) and Mary A. GULLETT (was
widow of George Gullett of Clarke Co.).

Under G., where Mary married her third husband, Dr. Squire GRAYSON, her name
is written EVANS.  The record book says ERWIN - but again, it is ERVIN
(widow of Samuel).

BTW, the word MARRIED is inserted in several odd places on the list.  I have
studied the marriage books and never saw such a name.  It looks like some
sort of computer glitch.

In the Bride's Index, Mary Ann appears as EVANS and as marrying Samuel

My grandfather was William Ervin Gullette of Wilcox Co., son of John Eades
Gullett-e, son of George Gullett.

Anne H. Connell, Winter Park, FL