Wilcox County, Alabama Deeds

Ann Culpepper to Erasmus Culpepper
Book N Page 25, 28 Jun 1858

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This indenture made the 28 day of June AD 1858 between Ann Culpepper of the one part and Erasmus Culpepper son of the said Ann Culpepper of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Ann Culpepper for an in consideration of the natural love & affection which she hath unto the said Erasmus hath given granted aliened released & confirmed & by these Presents doth give grant alien release & confirm unto the said Erasmus Culpepper his heirs & assigns all the following property to wit the Slaves Luke, Oliff, Tempe, Chess, Berry, Alberta, Joseph, Alfred, Harry, Phillis, Virginia, Sigi, Riddick, Jullian & Milberry together with their further increase also all the interest of the said Ann Culpepper in the money undistributed of the Estate of her dec'd husband E. Culpepper and also all her other personal property of whatever nature & description including her household and kitchen furniture To have and to hold the said property & each & every part thereof hereby given granted & conveyed or intended so to be with the increase unto the said Erasmus Culpepper hisheirs & assigns forever. But the said Ann Culpepper hereby reserves to herself a life interest in said property or the use & possession thereof during her natural lifeher intention by this instrument being to vest tge property aforesaid in the said Erasmus Culpepper at this time but to postpone his enjoyment thereof until her death then said Ann Culpepper is desirous that her grand daughters Mary Davis & Ann Davis daughters of Nancy Davis dec'd should each have a feather bed & as she has herein given all her property to her son the said Erasmus Culpepper she hereby requests him to give to each of them a good feather bed when he takes possession of the property herein thereby given to him.

In Witness whereof the said Ann Culpepper has here unto set her hand & seal the day & year herein first above written.

Signed Sealed and delivered in
the presence of W.W, Thornhill }
Thos Smith }

Ann Culpepper {SEAL}

The State of Alabama
Wilcox County

I Zo S Cook Judge of Probate Court for Wilcox County Ala hereby certify that W.W. Thornhill a subscribing witness to the foregoing conveyance or deed of gift Known to me appeared before me this day & being sworn states Ann Culpepper the donor in the deed voluntarily executed the same in his presence and in the presence of the other subscribing witness on the day the same * date that he attested the same in the presence of the donor & of the other witness & that such other witness subscribed his name as witness in his presence.

Given under my hand this 29 day of June 1858

Zo S. Cook Judge

Filed Aug 16 1858
Zo S. Cook

26 Aug 2000
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