Wilcox County, Alabama Deeds

S.W.A. Albritton to Eliza Smoke
Book M Page 518, 12 Oct 1857

By B.J. Smothers, smothers@mindspring.com

The State of Alabama }
Wilcox County }

Know all men by these Presents that I S.W.A. Albritton of the County of Wilcox and State of Alabama for and in consideration of the Natural love and affection which I have and bear to my daughter Eliza Smoke wife of Samuel Smoke of the County and State above written as also for and in consideration of the Sum of One dollar to me in hand paid by the said Eliza Smoke the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged have this day given granted bargained sold and conveyed and by these Presents do give grant bargain sell and convey unto the said Eliza Smoke for her sole and separate use and benefit during her Natural life two certain Negro women one named Charlotte aged about thirty four years. And the other named Eliza aged about Twenty nine years and their increase To Have and to hold the said Negroes Charlotte & Eliza and their increase during the natural life of the said Eliza Smoke and at her death to descend to her children Henry & Frances and Enoch A. Smoke and such other child or children as She may have and this Deed of gift is executed upon this express condition. That the said Negroes Charlotte and Eliza and their oncrease or the proceeds arisinfg from their labor or hire shall in no way be liable or subject to the debts of the said Samuel Smoke the husband of the said Eliza Smoke or of any future husband she may have but the said Negro women Charlotte & Eliza and their increase is given for the support and maintenance of the said Eliza Smoke and at her death to descend as before mentioned to the heirs of her body the said S.W.A. Albritton reserving to himself the right to substitute other negroes of equal value for the ones mentioned here but should the said Eliza Smoke die without leaving Children or the children of the said Eliza Smoke die without leaving * descendants then or in either event the said Negro Women Charlotte and Eliza to revert back to the giver. In testimont whereof I the :said S.W.A. Albritton have hereunto set my hand and Seal this the Ninth day of August AD One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifth Seven.

Signed Sealed and delivered
in presence of P.J. Albritton

S.W.A. Albritton {SEAL}

The State of Alabama
Wilcox County

I John A. Jackson Judge of Probate for said county hereby certify that S.W.A. Albritton whose name is signed to the foregoing conveyance and who is known to me acknowledged before me on this day that being informed of the contents of the conveyance he executed the same voluntarily on the day the same bears date.

Given unto my hand this the 12th day of Octr AD 1857.

Jno A. Jackson Judge

Filed Oct 12th 1857
J.A. Jackson

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